Compare Atlanta Public Schools! 

Follow these steps to create a list of schools in a county ranked by various statistics.

1. First click "Compare Schools" at the bottom left.

2. Then select state.  If you're on this site you probably want to select Georgia

3. Type in district name or select County in option #2 or #3.

4. Select elementary, middle or high.

5. When the results show up click "show all" so you don't have to click through multiple pages of results.

6. There are several tabs to click for various information. Click "test scores" or "students" to get to more choices. Click the "sort by" button at the top of the columns to rank the schools by the various columns.

7. Click the "Students" tab to get the "economically disadvantaged" or other demographic stats.

Other great sites for school information.

Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Georgia Department of Education  You can dig down to individual school web sites where you'll have more information than you ever imagined.

They have a great "report card" that gives you detailed information.
For comparisons, start here.

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