Los Angeles Paid Focus Groups

Market research companies actually pay you $50 to $150 cash to participate in focus groups.  Feel free to use my FREE list that I compiled. Also get paid to do online surveys.


Several years ago I got a call from a market researcher who was looking for people who had bought a Subaru Outback recently.  They wanted me to participate in a small two hour focus group after work.  They said they would pay me $100 and feed me sandwiches and cookies.  What a deal!  I showed up, ate a sandwich, had a few soft drinks and gave my two cents about what I liked and didn't like about my Subaru.  There was a professional moderator and about 8 other participants. It was a quick two hours and they paid me $100 in CASH.

A few months later a got a call and they wanted me to come in and participate in a focus group about some new Showtime cable program.  It was a lot of fun and again I got paid in cash, this time $75.  What an easy way to make money.

I figured that I'd try to find more of these market research companies and try to get invited to as many of these as possible.    Here's a link to someone who has made a career out of participating in focus groups.

I'm in Atlanta but I've put together a Free List of paid focus groups in various cities around the country.  Below is the list for Los Angeles CA.


Tim Maitski
Atlanta Communities



Free List of LA Paid Focus Groups

(these links take you right to the sign up pages for these companies)










Companies Paying You to Take Online Surveys

I just found this great web site that has great information about taking surveys online.  She has a list of hundreds of companies, a great set of tips, and even a forum page.  Go to http://www.amylynn.org/home/ It looks like it is the work of someone who is very passionate about this topic and knows it inside out.


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